Do you have any hidden fees like some other companies have?

No! At Supplement Fulfillment Inc. we only pick pack and ship Supplements.  Our cost model is simple, we have a storage fee and we have pick, pack and ship fees.  And the storage fee is only applicable for those bulk products that do not ship at a rapid pace.

Do you really ONLY store and ship dietary supplements?

Yes! We built this business to support the supplement industry and dietary supplements is in fact all we do.

Will I be able to speak with someone if I have a question or a problem?

Yes! Unlike the mega centers our customers are the most important asset we have. When you have a need to interact with your fulfillment center our customer support team will be available to answer your call or E-mail.

What if I have special request or have any last minute changes that need made to an order?

Call or Email your customer support specialist, we will be there to help you with your issue.

Can I provide flyers, or additional information to be added to my packages when they ship to my customers?

Yes! At Supplement Fulfillment we will include your promotional flyers at no cost to you, simply print and ship them to us and we will ensure they get in each order filled.

What is the average cost for me to ship 1 average sized 60 ct supplement to a customer?

With our model, calculating your fees is simple,$2.50 pick fee + $.50 for one SKU + the cost of shipping at $2.61 = $5.61.

Will I be able to view my product stock levels and account financial transaction information?

Yes, All Supplement Fulfillment customers have access to their account 24/7.

What are the fees associated with pick and pack?

At Supplement Fulfillment we have a simple cost model to make it easy for you.

Storage Fees will cost $10/week/pallet if applicable.

Picking Fees are $2.50 per package + $.50 per unit.

We charge no other fees.